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Hi my name is Michele Duffy. I have had issues with my Weight, Anxiety, and Stress. When I tell you that having Alisa Sane as my Life Coach within this last 6 months has helped me tremendously, within this time I have lost 35lbs so far and I have learned how to eat when hungry instead of eating because I'm so stressed out. For my Anxiety and Stress the different breathing and journaling techniques that has helped me to become more relaxed and calm. Just being able to face my issues. 

Michele Duffy

My name is Shannise and I just turned 47. I had been thinking for some time about making some major changes in my life and preparing for the big 50. It is my goal to be as healthy as possible when I retire. We would connect at least once or twice a week and she would encourage me and also give me some helpful tips. I would apply these pearls of wisdom and I started to notice my progress was accelerating. When you are making major lifestyle changes it is very important to have support and also guidance. I am more intentional about my actions and correcting negative thinking and I owe that all to my friend and life coach, Alisa Sane.

Shannise Jackson

I joined based on my plan to  get my diabetes under control and change my A1 from 11 to under 7, I was living a life full of up and down sugar levels and eating the wrong foods. Not exercising enough, and not following a healthy  prescription for life. When I finally decided to find a health coach and met with Alisa via Zoom, it was an answer to many days wondering if my sugar was ever going to get under control.  Following a nutritional meal plan with low inflammatory foods and carb control give me a great feeling  . Thank you for your help in looking over my shoulder to stay on a clear path, and your continued support . 


Alisa continues to be truly invested in helping me find joyful ways to grow healthier and support myself with self-care activities. Her caring nature shines through, and is such welcomed encouragement especially when a trusted support system at deeper levels has not existed as a part of daily life for me as a single mom for many years now. Having Alisa as a genuinely caring voice in this regard is something for which I am truly grateful. Alisa invoked such a feeling of being cared for in our last session, lovingly conveying that she was truly there for me in any way needed. To have this type of sincerity support-wise is such a treasured gift in today's world.

Jennifer N.

I have been overweight since childhood.. I’ve always eaten the wrong foods and got up to 336 pounds and my BMI was at 54. My weight had me feeling tired.. My blood pressure was 162/92  I was on medication for hypertension.  I also had high cholesterol.. I spoke with my doctor to see if  something  I could do that would be beneficial for me and he said I was a good candidate for the gastric sleeve. I set up my surgery date for March 20, 2021. I was scared.  Once I was released from the hospital, I then got a health coach that was referred to me by a friend named Alisa Sane. I am so thankful for everything she has done for me during this whole process. She inspired me to not give up and to try different exercises to continue progressing on my journey. She also helped me with my eating habits and informed me what foods I should be eating and what I should avoid. At one point during my weight loss I noticed I wasn’t losing as much as I should, I had plateaued. I was very discouraged during this time and blamed myself because I thought I was doing something wrong. Alisa helped me through this time and encouraged me to continue the process. She suggested I try doing different exercises because my body had become accustomed to the same routine I had been doing. I am now able to walk 4 miles on a treadmill and will ride my bike for 2 mile. These changes have led to tremendous results and I could not be happier. I currently weigh 199 pounds and I know I will reach my goal weight of 160 pounds soon. My life is forever changed. Thanks Alisa. for all you do.



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